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We met in Tel Aviv, Israel when Jon was looking for a room to rent. Yaara was looking for a roommate but after meeting Jon, she was more interested in a date. Jon didn’t realize that Yaara had asked him out instead of telling him he should meet the other roommates. However, the date (or meeting) went really well and we both realized we had found soulmates.

Our love for each other has only grown as we moved from Tel Aviv to San Francisco and now back to Jon’s birthplace in Indiana. Our son, Eli, was born in April 2019 and has been an amazing joy for us. We love playing, reading books, and having dinner together every day.

We have always been travelers looking to discover new places in nature, cities, or towns. We have each traveled to over 30 countries and between us 46 states. Each month, we take our son, Eli, on camping trips and nature hikes, so that we can all experience the outdoors as a family.

We feel blessed to have large supportive families. Every year, we have big family vacations, so that we stay close no matter where we live. Last year, we went to the beach in Michigan and Yosemite National Park. Eli loves the opportunity to play with his many young cousins.


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