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It is impossible for us to truly feel what you are going through making this decision. All we can say is that you are very brave. You are deciding how to give your baby the best life possible and your choices are not easy.

Should you choose this path, we want to tell you about the life we will provide for another child:

  • We want the child to have access to a good education, sports, music, and travel

  • We want the child to be financially secure and debt-free to the fullest extent possible

  • We want this child to know they are always loved

  • We want the child to feel and know that they are the most important thing in their parents’ lives

  • We want this child to be a happy, moral, and caring individual who values family as a top priority

These are the things we, Yaara and Jon, received from our parents and the things that have allowed us to have happy lives.

We will tell you more about us in the following pages. However, the most important thing to know is that any child who joins our family will be 100% loved and will always know their birth mother made this choice so they could have the best possible life.

Love, Jon and Yaara


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