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Our son, Eli, is a kind, sweet, playful, and loving two-year-old. Kids and adults alike love to spend time with him. He loves animals, cars, building blocks, books, and helping out in our vegetable garden.

We start our mornings by video chatting with Eli’s cousins in Israel over breakfast. Eli is enrolled in a private daycare. He loves going so much that he rushes us out the door each morning by taking our hands and leading us to the car. We love this school, since each child receives a great deal of attention and the teachers focus on learning through fun activities. In the afternoons, we like to go together to see Eli’s grandparents or play sports outside. Before going to sleep Eli loves to practice his drum set and read a lot of books.

Eli will be the best big brother. He already has a strong foundation for an incredible character and is a great role model that a baby brother or sister can look up to.


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