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From the first moment I met Jon, it was so clear what an incredible person he is that I asked him out - a first for me. I have been so grateful for that decision every day since.

When we dated, Jon wanted each outing to be special for me. On our second date, Jon told me to meet him at the opera building. When I arrived, he had a slice of my favorite cake and led me around the building to an old tree with a branch in the shape of a chair. Playing in the background were the Disney songs that I mentioned I still enjoy.

I always knew that Jon would be a great father and he’s exceeded my expectations. Jon and Eli are the best of friends. Eli loves running to show every new thing he finds or learns to Jon. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing those two playing together on the floor or reading a book together before bed. I know Jon cherishes these moments and looks forward to sharing them with this next child too.

Aside from being a great father, Jon is an amazing son, brother, and friend. He’ll go above and beyond just to bring a smile to someone’s face. Most importantly, he’s the most amazing life partner and I feel blessed every day to have Jon in my life.


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